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American Legion, SHENANDOAH POST NO. 77 — 1924

Strasburg, Virginia

American Legion, 1924

The application for charter of the Shenandoah Post No.77 was made on September 30, 1919, and the charter granted October 2, 1919. The charter members were F. F. Crabill, Ralph Crabill, C. J. Borum, C. R. Clougherty, G. Harry Hottel, C. L. Fletcher, C. B. Saum, Douglas Crump, D. S. Funk, D. G. Mclnturff, R. B. Davison, O. L. Funk, Lewis Sonner, C. B. Maphis and F. F. Zea. These members selected the name Shenandoah from the famous Shenandoah Valley in which the town of Strasburg is located.

Immediately after receiving the charter, the Post took up their work. A delegate was sent to the first State convention of the Legion which was held at Roanoke.

Shenandoah Post had charge of all the funeral ceremonies of ex-service brought back to their homes for burial. In each instance they did the most they could in memory of their departed comrade.

As was the case with a number of Posts, enthusiasm seemed to decrease after the first year. However, the prospects for 1924 are mighty bright. A meeting place has been leased for one year from June 1st. It is the plan of the Post to establish a club room at once.

The following officers were elected in January for the year 1924:

C. B. Maphis, commander; C. B. Saum, vice-commander; Max Borden, adjutant; R. B. Davison, sergeant-at-arms.