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American Legion, BULLA POST NO. 46 — 1924

Emporia, Virginia

A call meeting was issued for all ex-service men to meet in the courthouse on September 19, 1919, in order to formulate plans for the local Post of the American Legion.

The following were present and signed application for the charter:

E. E. Goodwyn, H. B. Mahood, L. N. Kline, J. W. Bennett, B. Flournoy Tillar, L. H. Howe, John H. Cato, Jr., Carson B. Kline , George D. Kline, Orlando W. Kline, Micheal J. Paytas, Marvin L. Newsome, P. F . Squire, re, R. A. Chambliss, H. Hubbard.

The following officers were elected: E. E. Goodwyn, chairman; Dr. H. B. Mahood, vice– chairman; B. F. Tillar, secretary-treasurer; J. H. Cato, Jr., insurance officer.

The Post was named “Bulla Post” in memory of Chaplain T. M. Bulla, who was pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Emporia prior to the war. Immediately on the entrance of the United States in the war he resigned his charge and entered the service, being assigned chaplain in the Fourth Virginia Infantry. Afterwards transferred to 116th Infantry, with which organization he served until mortally wounded in battle on the Meuse Argonne Front, north of Verdun, in the early part of October, 1918. He died a few days later in Base Hospital at Souilly.

A membership committee was appointed and a total of eighty-five members enrolled. B. F. Tillar attended State and District Committee meeting in Richmond in 1920.

Officers elected for 1921: E. E. Goodwyn, Post commander; L. N. Kline, vice-commander; B. F. Tillar, Post adjutant; M. J. Paytas, insurance officer.

In 1921 the Post had sixty-five paid-up members.

The following officers were elected for 1922: Colonel E. E. Goodwyn, commander; Leroy Anderson, vice-commander; M. J. Paytas, adjutant; W. R. Squire, war risk officer; E. V. Lankford, historian; J. E. Lashley, sergeant-at-arms.

In 1922 the Post had fifty-five paid-up members.

Arrangements were made to secure a hall where we could have a place to meet at all times.

The following delegates were appointed to attend the Charlottesville Convention: R. M. Robinson and E. V. Lankford and E. E. Goodwyn and B. F. Tillar, alternates. At this convention Colonel E. E. Goodwyn was elected Department Commander.

On September 5, 1922, a special meeting was called to order by Colonel E. E. Goodwyn for the purpose of electing a Post commander to succeed Colonel E. E. Goodwyn. Leroy Anderson was elected Post commander to fill Colonel Goodwyn’s unexpired term.

Officers for 1923: B. Flourney Tillar, commander; E. V. Lankford, vice-commander; M. J. Paytas, adjutant; W. R. Squire, service officer; R. A. Deal, historian; J. D. Reid, sergeant-at-arms.

In 1923 the Post had sixty-three paid-up members.

Delegates attending the Fifth Annual Convention at Fredericksburg on September 3rd, 4th and 5th were B. F. Tillar and E. V. Lankford.

Officers for 1924: E. V. Lankford, commander; J. E. Parker, first vicecommander; B. D. Tillar, second vice-commander; M. J. Paytas, adjutant; W. R. Squire, service officer; J. D. Reid, sergeant-at-arms; R. A. Deal, historian.

Fifty-seven paid-up members for 1924.

The Post has a hall about twenty by sixty, which is rented at about $28.00 per month. The Ladies’ Auxiliary and other civic organizations use this hall as a meeting place, the Kiwanis Club, D. A. R. and U. D. C. The Kiwanis Club pays the Legion $20.00 a month rent.

The Post took as their main object the improvement of the cemetery which was in a bad condition. A committee was appointed to work out plans through which they could get some improvements made. The U. D. C. and D. A. R.’s contributed some money to help get the place cleaned up. The committee met with the Board of Supervisors and Town Council and got an appropriation of $12.50 per month from each, which enabled the committee to secure a man to keep the grounds cleaned and look after the cemetery. Through the efforts of this committee the town of Emporia has purchased the cemetery. The Legion still looks after the grounds and has two members on the cemetery committee. Grave markers have been secured and placed at all members graves.

Several plans have been used to obtain money for the Post, such as taking over the sale of tickets for the moving picture show and receiving a percentage, putting on shows of local talent, and running a country store at the county fair, the majority of articles on sale being donated by local merchants and wholesale houses.

Since the Ladies’ Auxiliary was organized in April, 1922, they have been of much value in helping the Legion, putting on entertainments to raise money.

There has been a banquet each year and all ex-service men, Confederate soldiers and Spanish-American war veterans invited, and each member having the privilege of bringing a friend with them. These banquets have been paid for out of the Post treasury.

The Fourth District Committee of the Legion and Auxiliary held a joint meeting in Emporia in June 27, 1924. The local auxiliary furnished dinner and entertainment.