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American Legion, HARVEY-HOWE POST NO. 30 — 1924

East Radford, Virginia

Harvey-Howe Post No. 30 was organized September 3, 1919, with Hugh R. French as chairman until the election of officers at the beginning of 1920. The name was selected in honor of the two men from Radford who made the supreme sacrifice on the field of battle. First Lieutenant Alfred R. Harvey, who was killed in action in Belgium, August 22, 1918; Elliott H. Howe, who was killed in action north of Verdun, October 12, 1918.

Harvey-Howe Post has at all times since organization been ready to cooperate and help all clubs and organizations of the city in arranging and carrying out any celebrations of the city in arranging and carrying out any celebrations of programs that were desired. They, in turn, have had the hearty support of all organizations and citizens of the city.

This Post has always had as its aim the building of a suitable memorial building. This building to be used as a community house and club house for the Post. To raise the necessary funds for this undertaking, they have had carnivals, spring festivals, local talent entertainments and just recently succeeded in booking and showing Powder River at a local theatre. All these have shown nice financial returns and have added materially to the Memorial Fund. The Post has at last secured an ideal location for this Memorial building at a very reasonable price, and it hopes to begin construction very soon, which will cost about $15,000.00.

Since organization of this Post the following comrades have joined that Innumerable Caravan and taps have been sounded over their remains. Heroes in life as in death.

William Thomas Johnson, Harold H. Hundley, and Roy R. Copenhaver.

The Post has been very fortunate in having the following officers to pilot it to success since organization.

1920–Hugh R. French, Post commander; W. Kuhn Barnett, adjutant.

1921–Robert L. Vaughan and W. E. Kemp, Post Commanders; Clarence T. Hall, adjutant.

1922–Roy E. Steagall, Post commander; Clarence T. Hall, adjutant

1923–Harry W. Ward, Post Commander; Clarence T. Hall, adjutant

The present officers are: Ambrose L. Wilson, Post Commander; John B. Spires, vice- commander; Harry I. Bond, adjutant; Alvin Lucas, treasurer; W. Kuhn Barnett, chaplain; James S. Bourne, sergeant-at-arms.