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American Legion, James C. Brewer Post No. 15 — 1924

Bristol, Virginia

Organized and chartered in the fall of the year 1919 as the fifteenth post in the Department of Virginia, the Post quickly listed as members, men who had earned in their respective outfits, a reputation for doing things.

Instantly, the Post began to attract other men, and through its concentrated activity in civil affairs of the city and in its well directed efforts for helping injured veterans, and the dependents of deceased veterans, it became almost overnight a power locally in all things looking to the betterment of the community.

Its officers have subsequently followed a consistent policy of vigorous active and sustained effort for disabled ex-service men; first, in securing compensation and vocational training; in caring for dependents of these men, in collecting from the government monies due them; and later, in making a systematic endeavor to aid and encourage all ex-service men to secure their adjusted compensation insurance certificates.

As a consequence of these efforts the Post has obtained a well-earned reputation for real service. That reputation has been enhanced by its stand on civil affairs, and its careful abstainance from association with any enterprise which might in any way react unfavorably upon our community. As time has gone by, the public here have grown to recognize and appreciate that the James C. Brewer Post may be counted upon to consider and act upon civil matters as well as upon matters pertaining only to the ex-service men. That recognition entirely unmarred by any taint of self- interest-a recognition that the Post is a leader in fostering the principles of Americanism, and of fair-dealing to all alike.

For its own members, and their enjoyment, the Post has built at Island Park, Tennessee, a roomy cottage, furnished completely from kitchen to bedrooms. The freedom of week-ends here on the banks of the Holston River has contributed not a little to the advancement of the membership, and the unvaryingly consistent work done by our organization during the five years of its life.