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American Legion, BOTETOURT POST NO. 105 — 1924

Fincastle, Virginia

Following a celebration of Armistice Day by the ex-service men of Botetourt County, in November, 1919, a meeting of those men was held, at which time William N. Breckenridge, A. G. Simmons, Martin McFerran, Hunter M. Painter, William B. Crush, F. H. Nofsinger, Cone Brugh, Hugh Switzer, L. C. Keith, F. S. Slusser, T. G. Brugh, C. C. Renick, T. G. Anderson and R. B. Jarratt made application to the Department Headquarters of the Legion for a charter, which was granted and delivered to the Post on December 17, 1919. At this time another meeting was held for the election of officers and organization of Botetourt Post No. 105. L. C. Keith was elected commander, A. G. Simmons, vice-commander; R. B. Jarratt, adjutant; R. M. Howle, service officer, and an executive committee of William B. Crush, N. M. Bolton and Martin McFerran.

The activities of the Post during 1920 were devoted to relief work in cooperation with Mrs. Bertha S. P. Jameson, county director of the Red Cross. The Post was greatly commended for the excellent work it did in the mountains of the county.

Mrs. Jameson has always been one of the Post’s staunchest friends, helping in every way possible, and in addition presented the Post with a stand of colors.

W. B. Crush was elected commander of the Post in January, 1920, and served in that capacity the following two years, during which time the Post secured a very attractive home which became the center of community activities for Fincastle and the county.

During these two years the Post officiated at the burial of thirteen bodies of deceased comrades, which were returned from overseas, took the lead on Memorial Day, Armistice Day, July 4th, and other occasions, in properly observing these days. The Post was also active in a number of entertainments and chautauquas for the community.

D. V. Wiley was elected commander succeeding W. B. Crush, who was appointed to the office of Department Adjutant, and was in turn succeeded by John Lewis, who was elected commander for the year 1924.

Great credit is due R. B. Jarratt, who has served as adjutant of the Post since its organization, and who in addition to the work of this office has served as service officer, giving a great amount of his time to assisting the veterans and their families.