1774 List of Tithables for Surry County, North Carolina

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1774 List of Tithables for Surry County, North Carolina

(taken from Surry-Wilkes Taxables, 1771-1774)

A List of Tithables for 1774 – M. Armstrong List 1774

1774 List of Tithables for Surry County, North Carolina
Tithables Tithables
Wm Whorten (Horton?) 1 Wm Stewart 1
Benj. Kadle & son Zacariah 2 Abel Pocock 1
Petter Woodard 1 Isham Thomson 1
Wm Burris 1 Nathl. Stewart 1
Wm Dolton & son Wm 2 John Wooten, Constble. 1
Saml. Studard 1 Wm Chandler 1
Jno. Wells 1 John Griffeth & Thomas Kees 2
Wm Hall, Negroes Gloster & Lucia 3 Wm Phillips 1
Richd. Mayes 1 Richard Varnel 1
Jerh. Harrison 1 John Wood [name crossed out]
Den Cox 1 Abraham Wood & son Abraham Wood 2
Don Fisher & Thomas Fisher 2 Thomas Carr 1
John Bledsoe & Negro Jack & Negro --[torn] 3 Isaac Jones 1
Moses B------(Bledsoe?) [torn] 1 Saml. Jackson & Curtis Jackson 2
Eli Normond 1 Boater Bales & Samuel Bond 2
John Rentfroe 1 Thomas Bales, Wm Bales Daniel Bales, & Amos Carsev (Kersey] 4
Joseph Holder 1 David Ballard 1
James Roberts & John Roberts, James James, Negro Maria, Negro Sambo 5 John Burris 1
Mathew Mase 1 Andrew Pohon 1
Lewis Forkner(?) & Hugh Porter & Joseph Porter 3 Ben Johnston & son Ruben Johnston 2
Wm Harden 1 Robert Coaker & son Thomas Coaker 2
Wm Austen 1 Neathen Hill 1
Wm Shepperd & Negro Cate, Negro Sarrah & Luci, Negro Will & Griffen 6 James King 1
Rowland Cornelius 1 John Armstrong, George Flinn & Negro Luci 3
Frederick Green & Negro 2 Isaiah Stewart 1
John Allen, Christopher Stanton & Negros Ceazer, Hannah & Rachel 5 John Nowland 1
Joseph Harrison & Nathaniel Harrison 2 Wm Boyles 1
Warwick Woodard & George Hampton 2 David Walker 1
John Burk 1 Danl. O'Bar, Wm Follis & Robt. O'Bar 3
Samuel Mosby, Senr., Samuel Mosby, Joseph Mosby & Negroes Dick, James, Pharoah, Petter, Beck, Hannah & Cloe 10 James Conden 1
John Hann, Negroes Tom & Tamer 3 Rubin Mathews 1
Robert Forbish & Negros Nan & Jack 3 Charles Turner & Negro George 2
Moses Baker & Neathen Bake 2 Robert Turner 1
Hugh Lewis 1 James Harper & Wm Harper & James Harper 3
Jacob Petyjohn & James Petyjohn 2 Jesse Miner, John Joiner & Negro Abby 3
William Hodges, Amasa Hodges & Abner Hodges 3 Littleberry Bray 1
Micheal Null 1 John Cox & Timothy Cox 2
Petter Elder 1 Adam Swath 1
West Cornelius 1 Jacob Wilkerson 1
Robert Elrod & Jeremiah Elrod 2 Micheal Garver 1
John Brown 1 Thomas Carson 1
Joseph Williams, Robt. Lanier, John Harrison, John Robertson, Negroes Ben, Arthur, Bob, Dilly & Lilley 9 John Bucklee 1
Gideon Wright 1 Wm Devenport 1
Alexander Moose 1 John Gilbert 1
Thomas Ademan, James Johnsten, & Micheal Sprenkle 3 John Lyon 1
David Nowland 1 Wm Colbert 1
Solomon Nellson 1 Ben Stewart 1
Samuel Tate & son Robert Tate 2 John Sneed, Senr., John Sneed & Negroes Bess, Beck & Luci 5
Edward Riggs & son Jesse Riggs 2 George Lash & Lazoras Tillv 2
Isham Royal 1 Joseph Gentry & Shelton Gentry 2
Chas. Stewart 1  

Note: The underlined names are in the NC Revolutionary Army Accounts Secretary of State Treasurers and Comptroller’s Paper Journal ‘A’ Public Accounts 1775-1776, pages 163 and 164.